How to Give Your Business’ Instagram Profile a Welcome Boost

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore Instagram as a social media channel and given that it is now the second most popular social media website in the world, it is vitally important that it is taken seriously. For businesses this means a massive marketplace who largely operate from mobile phones and who are incredibly active across the website. Now, the key to a business’ success on Instagram, ultimately comes down to how many followers they have and if you are looking at really ramping up your business on Instagram, this is where you will need to start. If you are looking to give your profile a boost at speed, here are some of the ways in which you can do it.

Paying Out

You can throw money at this problem if you so wish and see a large spike in the amount of followers which you have, almost overnight. You can invest in followers outright, automatic Instagram likes to encourage wider engagement and you could also pay someone to manage your account for you with the primary objective of amassing more followers. This is an easy shortcut and one which can have great results, providing of course that you are happy to pay for your new popularity.


Another almost-instant way in which you can bring more followers though your door in a big way is to work with powerful influencers within your industry. As a business you have a far better chance of being mentioned by a particular influencer as you can give them something in return by way of a free product or a product for them to review. The key to getting an influencer to talk about you is to contact every single one which you can find within your industry and simply ask the question. Be humble, be kind and be polite and you never know what may happen.

Go Viral

Very few people actually plan to go viral but doing so will create and incredible spike for you which you can ride for a long time. The key to going viral is creating something truly special, a video, a photograph, a hashtag, an event or even a special day which people can get involved in. If you are really looking for a large spike in your Instagram followers, look to go viral whenever you can.

Be Human

Something which many businesses forget is that people want human interaction and if you can do this then you could see a huge spike in followers. One of the best ways for businesses to gain popularity and raise their engagement, is to get into it with another company, either within their industry or otherwise. A conversation between UK grocer Tesco, Jaffa Cakes and Walkers Crisps two years ago went down in the halls of social media fame and they all profited as a result. Be human, be funny and you’ll see a big spike in followers.

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