How to Turn On WIFI HOTSPOT in Android Phone

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Are you willing to connect your computer or laptop to the web, yet can’t locate an open Wi-Fi hotspot? If your service plan permits it then you may utilize your Android phone to make a mobile hotspot which will permit other gadgets such as laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone etc. to utilize your gadget’s mobile data to connect to the web. In the event that your bearer doesn’t permit this, you may in any case have the capacity to get around it by utilizing external applications.

Setting up a Hotspot with a Service Plan

Although, a few services incorporate free mobile hotspot utilization on all plans, but we know that all wireless service doesn’t allow the mobile hotspot service without paying an additional charge, so to set up a hotspot first check your carrier. If your service plan doesn’t support mobile hotspots then you will not have the capacity to enable your hotspot.


Start and click the Settings menu. You may get to this from the Settings application on your App Drawer or Home screen, or by pressing your cell phone’s Menu and choosing “Settings”.

Click “More” in “Wireless and Network” option.

Click the “Tethering and portable hotspot” menu. This is normally placed in Wireless and Networks section of Settings menu. So to find it, you must click on “More…” option.


Click the hotspot wifi setup alternative and change the default settings. After doing that change the hotspot settings. Before initiating your hotspot, you ought to guarantee that it is legitimately secured and that the SSID network doesn’t contain any personal data.

  • SSID Network – SSID is a network name that will be broadcast. Anybody who lives nearby will have the capacity to see this name, so ensure that there is nothing that can distinguish you in the name.
  • Security – When you’re attempting to interface old gadgets that don’t bolster more up to date security conventions, you ought to dependably have this set to WPA2 PSK.
  • Hotspot recurrence band – This is set to 2.4 GHz by default. You may for the most part keep this setting, however you might need to change it to 5 GHz in croweded regions. 5 GHz will bring down the extent.


Password – You ought to dependably have a watchword set, no matter what. Ensure that it is solid, yet critical, as you should enter it on the gadgets that you are associating with the hotspot with.

Check the box of “Portable Wi Fi hotspot” to enable your phone’s hotspot. Your service provider will verify whether you are permitted to make one.

  • If you get an error then you should contact your service provider or network carrier and ask about setting up a mobile hotspot. You might not have entry to it unless you spend more cash.

Connect to the hotspot on another gadget. Start and open “Connect to Network” open in your phone or other device which you need to connect with the hotspot. You ought to see your new hotspot in the rundown of accessible network. Choose it and enter in the password you made. Through this process your gadget will connect with the free hotspot.

Click the “Data usage” alternatives in the Wireless and Networks segment of the Settings menu to screen your information use. Utilizing a hotspot will ordinarily smolder through your apportioned information much snappier than essentially utilizing your telephone to skim the web. Be set up to see your use increment when utilizing your hotspot.

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