How to use OTG cable on any Android device without Root

OTG Cable Android

In some cases the most helpful things have the bluntest names, and that is certainly the case with USB OTG: it’s in heaps of gadgets and can do some truly sharp stuff, however numerous individuals have never known about it. To update you, this is our manual for USB OTG and what you may do with it.

How can you use OTG cable on an android device without root?

If your OTG cable gadget is compatible with android phone, you’ll additionally require an appropriate OTG link or connector for your gadget.

If you guys are looking for how to use OTG Cable on any android device such as any controller like PS3, mouse, usb flash drive etc without root then here we have collected a complete detail of how to do this. So you guys need to have an android phone, an OTG on the go cable and different devices like mentioned above, you want to utilize.

OTG Cable Android

OTG Cable Android

Connect a mouse or keyboard

This is a standout amongst the most run of the mill approaches to utilize USB OTG. It’s conceivable to couple your cell phone or tablet with fringe gadgets, for example, a mouse or a console, which you can then use to control it. There are a few limitations – for instance, gaming mice with a billion catches won’t not be completely perfect – but rather generally, the essential operations are empowered.

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Simply connect to a USB mouse and you will naturally see its cursor show up on your presentation. This is likewise an awesome approach to utilize your gadget if the touch screen is broken. Then again, interface an outer console to transform a tablet into a notebook or laptop.

Connect a MIDI keyboard

If you favor making music on Android, USB OTG allows you to associate gadgets, for example, MIDI consoles and controllers, sound inputs for instruments and vocals and different controllers that can transform your telephone or tablet into a genuine music-production machine.

Connect a USB storage drive

You may connect with capacity gadgets, for example, USB sticks or outer hard drives with USB OTG. Utilizing a document director on your gadget, you can straightforwardly get to information on an outer stockpiling gadget and play motion pictures or music without storing them on your telephone. Then again, you can utilize it as a non-cloud based reinforcement stockpiling choice for your photographs, music, and different records from your cell phone.

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