How to Use Whatsapp on iPhone


Whatsapp on iPhone :Not very far in the past when Whatsapp has introduced its Whatsapp Web for Windows and Android users, numerous iPhone clients felt somewhat dissatisfied. The iPhone users weren’t able to utilize this in their gadget. But now it’s time to have bliss because WhatsApp has finally launched Whats app Web for iPhone users.

In the event that you don’t know that what is WhatsAppWeb and what it actually does? Then take it easy because it gives you a chance to use WhatsApp from desktop or Mac. Earlier the Android and Windows user was able to use Whatsapp Messenger Web but after the launch of Whatsapp web for iPhones or IOS the iPhone users are now fulfilled with the services.

We have compiled here step-by-step guide of how to use Whatsapp Web on iPhone. But before moving there, it is also important to know that WhatsApp Web is accessible through several web browsers on PCs; Linux, Windowsm and Mac OS X.



WhatsApp Web enabler is the new pinch which lets you enable to add Whatsapp Web for iPhone. It endeavor you to provide an awesome practice of how you may utilize the WhatsApp Web in your iPhone or iOS device. Check out the step by step process of how to use WhatsApp Web on iPhone through Whatsapp Web Enabler.

How to use WhatsApp Web On iPhone through WhatsApp Web Enabler:

Step #1. Open a web-browser like Chrome or Firefox and type BigBoss repo.

Step #2. Install WhatsApp Web Enabler for free.

Step #3. After the successful installation of WhatsApp Web Enabler, now you have to launch Setting app

Step #4. Just scroll down and click on WhatsApp Web Enabler.

Step #5. Here you will find the kill switch right on top. Just switch it on the enable button.

Step #6. Further, launch the WhatsappWeb in your iPhone.

Step #7. Next, tap on the settings from the bottom right corner.

Step #8. Now Tap on the WhatsApp Web.

Step #9. Now, go to the on your PC and scan the QR code.

Step #10. Once the above QR code is scanned now you may access WhatsApp web from the Web browser.

Congratulations! Your Whatsapp Web is successfully launched.

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