Instant relief from cold and headache

Catching common cold is certainly not a big deal, people usually neglect it and expect it to fly off on its own. However, it sure becomes a major hindrance in one’s basic routinely activities of sleeping, eating, and, let’s not forget, breathing, an involuntary function of the body which we, rational animals, take for granted. Common cold is that which makes one grateful for all the moments of unclogged nose, easy breathing, and peaceful sleep. It cures sooner if it is treated as soon as it sets in. Negligence is definitely not a way to deal with any sort of discomfort and abnormality in body’s functioning, be it as minor as a common cold. Small troubles lead to bigger ones.

Common cold is characterized by a runny nose or a blocked nose, mild body ache, slight fever, sore throat, and headache (sinus pain). One wouldn’t want to go down the long and complex route for treatment. Instant relief without spending much time and resources is what one demands. There are various ways in which one can gain instant relief from cold and headache-

  • Stay Hydrated- Consumption of juices and water helps loosen congestion. One must avoid beverages such as tea and coffee as they lead to further dehydration. Water induced with anti-oxidants works best. Dehydration makes the nasal tract dry resulting in more severe congestion.
  • Consume warm liquids- One of the most ancient, common, and reliable ways to battle common cold is the intake of warm liquids such as vegetable broths, chicken soup, warm water infused with honey, lemon and black pepper powder, basil extracts mixed in warm water, and so on. Warm liquids not only release mucus from the nasal tract but also from the sinus cavities thereby curing the trouble.
  • Over-the-counter medication- Medicines that act as decongestants, antihistamines, and pain relievers might offer some relief. However, these medicines neither cure cold nor prevent it. They merely provide temporary relief by blocking the cold making it difficult for the individual in the long run. Furthermore, these medicines come with a free baggage of unwanted side-effects. Instead of resorting to such medicines, one must consume vitamin C tablets, and zinc supplements.
  • Essential oils- A variety of essential oils can be used to counter attack multiple symptoms and effects of common cold. Tea tree, sage, and eucalyptus help in curing sore throat; chamomile, black pepper, peppermint reduce fever; rosemary, cypress, lavender, eucalyptus cure sore muscles and joint aches; all of the above oils aid in releasing congestion too.
  • Roll on oils for cold and headache– Roll on oils are nothing but oils that are stored in roll on bottles that are easy to carry for anytime anywhere use while making the application of oils convenient and fuss free. Roll on oils for cold and headache are usually an amalgamation of the essential oils mentioned in the previous point. The roll on is “rolled” over the tip of the nose, temples, and the neck to rid one from stuffiness and headache.

The above remedies indeed provide instant relief from cold and headache, one must not resort to only these. It is important to have a word with your doctor if the cold lasts for more than a week. Sometimes, what is mistaken as common cold can itself be a symptom of vitamin deficiencies, more serious diseases such as tuberculosis, or it can also be a psychosomatic disease (mental conditions, such as stress, can cause cold). In such cases, the above remedies will certainly not cure the problem, and negligence might take you by surprise.

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