SMS and IoT: A Strong Bond between Interconnected Devices

IOT consulting

For different oil producers and distributors, a precise accounting of how much oil record they have on hand to sell is significant. With demand outpacing supply in different areas, each barrel that can be sold means imperative revenue gains for a business. So it is rather surprising to learn that most gas and oil measurement systems still depend on hand-tools to determine how much oil is in each tank.

New apparatus is being manufactured that uses highly developed technology to determine oil tank volumes down to every inch. Even better, this apparatus has fixed satellite and broadband connectivity that lets data points to be delivered across a network to the same producers, distributors, and salespeople that add up on precise data every day. And, with that data, workflows and methods are put in place that makes the tanks full and the orders running.

One such method involves delivering text messages to oil-tanker drivers so they understand where to go and how much oil to put in every tank. Using SMS in place of emails or phone calls make data to be traced and transmitted fast and in a way where the driver is most convinced to see it.

In case you are not familiar, the IoT refers to new devices that are by electronic means connected to each other. The importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) is hard to exaggerate, both in the home and all through the business sector. Interrelated devices will bring in huge efficiencies and upgradations in security, productivity, and safety. Even better, these developments will put up on each other and grow continuously, paving the way for a new technical age where interaction between systems is flawless and widespread.

Playing the main role in this inter-connectivity is SMS. SMS can be used to generate events or workflows and send information not just between devices, but also from devices to people. Here are some examples of how SMS is playing an essential role in how smart devices interact with each other.

  1. Rather than waiting for a person to collect data and act, SMS can be used to set out a chain of events once something has been introduced. For instance, if inventory levels of a product in a store reach to a definite level, a text message can be delivered that starts new orders, sends a notification to the accountant to produce invoices, and alerts the shipping clerk that new goods will be coming soon.
  2. Text messages are voluntarily available than emails, due to the propagation of attachment to feature phones among the world’s residents. Consequently, SMS has a more important reach all over the world in 2014 than email. A washing machine, for instance, can deliver a text message to its operator when a cycle has completed, so the operator understands just when to bring the laundry to the dryer.
  3. Likewise as important, text messages can be delivered from anywhere an operator has a mobile phone signal. For instance, an operator can deactivate a home security system when a child comes home from school by delivering a text message to the control panel. Data connectivity or Wi-Fi is not important for SMSes to be sent and received successfully. As a result of using SMS gateway services to communicate, more devices can be linked and controlled by each other with IoT solutions.
  4. SMS can be used to gather easy data from a set of checking devices and deliver that data to a central control panel. For instance, weather sensors can send an SMS to a research facility when definite wind speeds are noticed, letting quick and flawless data collection that can be used to find out more precise weather forecasts.On the other hand, the IoT consulting provides a competitive benefit for companies eager to spend in connecting their devices. From the example of an oil tanker interacting real time liquid levels to a company that incorporates SMS into a time clock for employees, the connection between business related devices will show the way to cost and time savings and improved revenue for various organizations. As an alternative of acquiring high costs as with email, or untrustworthy transmission as with a voice call, SMS offers a low-cost and highly-successful method for IoT to inter-operate.

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