When Wi-Fi doesn’t work, try these things first

When your Wi-Fi doesn’t work, have patience. Diagnosing a system network may be one of the most disappointing tasks in the technical world. There are some basic steps below of sort out the problem occurred in your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you are trying to connect free hotspot in your PC, tablet, smartphone or other device with Wi-Fi but failed to connect it properly then immediately, you need to discover where the issue is whether it is in your Computer or in your router. So before all, the very first task you have to do is check the network with different computer, laptop or other devices. Attempt another PC or any gadget that utilizes Wi-Fi, for example, a cell phone or tablet. It is the best way to find out where the problem is, if that different devices like PC or tablet is connected with your Wi-Fi then it clear that the problem is in your computer. But if those devices are also showing the same problem then the problem could be in your router or Wi-Fi connection.



Try this, if the problem is in your computer

Once you’ve clear that the issue is with your PC, ensure that the system or PC’s Wi-Fi button is turned on. There’s presumably a small hardware switch some place, search it, and switch it. Windows will let you know whether you’ve turned it on or off. If you’ve turned it on then Ok but if you have turned it off then press it again and turn it ON.

If it doesn’t settle the problem, reboot it.

It didn’t settle it, either? Alright, time to ensure you’re associating with the right system and utilizing the correct Password. Click the symbol of Wi-Fi in the notification range for a list of accessible networks. Yours Wi-Fi ought to be there, and it must say “Connected,” however it most likely won’t.

Try to connect with the Wi-Fi network, and ensure you have got the correct password. When you checked properly the right password then type it as it is form and be careful that numbers or letters or both letters and numbers be the same. Sometimes people made mistake is identifying number 1 with a lowercase of L which looks like l and O could be confused for the number 0. Check it properly and spell it correctly.


A couple of different things you may attempt:

  • Take a look at the bars beside the network’s name to ensure you have a solid signal from the router. In the event that you don’t, take a stab at moving to a room close to the switch.
  • Use Windows’ diagnostics. Right-tap the system symbol in warning zone and select Troubleshoot issues. At that point experience the wizard.
  • Turn off your firewall—incidentally, obviously—and attempt once more. On the off chance that it works, make sense of what’s the issue with your firewall settings.

If the issue is with the network connection

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